Francesco De Fabiani - Trondheim - 2019/2020 • ©Modica/Nordic Focus

Francesco De Fabiani closes the first edition of the Ski Tour in crescendo, dusting off sprinter skills with an 8th place and a fabulous 30 Km at Top 10 level.

Trondheim, Norway – Feb. 24th 2020 • The newborn Ski Tour of Sweden and Norway gives two Top 10s to Francesco De Fabiani, finishing 8th in the Sprint classic and 9th in the stage classification of the final event, the 30 Km pursuit, ended in thirteenth position, taking into account the gaps of the general classification.

«It was a demanding Tour and today I am satisfied – says the skier from Gressoney – I finished among the best 15. The start was discreet, then I felt the tiredness but the last two days went very well. Not bad!».

If in the sprint classic we have never seen DeFast so powerful and strong-willed, even in the 30 Km classic a positive response came with a prodigious recovery that led him to gain seven positions in the final race: «I had, as in the sprint, excellent skis. Big thanks go to our technicians for their tireless work. The good news is that if a few weeks ago I was in trouble on a 15 km, here I managed to keep a 30 km for the whole race. Maybe I had a bit of luck because someone, the Russians, had completely wrong wax. Among the positives, even on a physical side, I recovered quickly after the Saturday sprint».

The international season will continue with the double appointment of next week in Lahti, with a 15 km classic on February 29th and the 4x7.5 km relay on March 1st: «In Lahti I have indelible memories because in that 15 km well 5 years ago I won my only World Cup race».

March 8th will be the time for the 50 km classic in Oslo: «That's a bit of a dream for all cross-country skiers – says Francescoand I'd like to do well in the cross-country skiing temple».

In the calendar there are also some sprints, such as the one of Drammen, which will no longer be classic but will be skating and held in a nearby location, due to lack of snow. Then there will be the Sprint Tour in Canada dedicated to sprinters: «For all these races, I have not yet decided whether I will participate. I have just finished the Ski Tour and, as in all the stage races, I need a few days to understand if I can recover well: it would be useless to waste precious energy, while the last seasonal appointment, in Canmore, again in Canada, attracts me a lot, since there will be a mass start skating and a pursuit classic».



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